About Us

What is Bee Petite?

Bee Petite is an elevated petite-friendly clothing brand curated for ladies 5'3" or shorter, for ages when you stop growing to the ages when you start shrinking!

About our Founder

Welcome sweet bees! My name is Bee Yang and I'm the proud owner of Bee Petite! I'm also a Mom to two sweet children, Espyn and Madden, and wife to a loving Husband, Jackson. He is the man behind almost every single picture. Besides my love for fashion, I am a lover of learning and continuously progressing my education. I did my undergrad and recently obtain my business degree (MBA) both from the University of California, Davis. I'm a very busy working mom. My day usually consist of waking up early to take my daughter to school and then doing my 9-5 day job (I'm a Project Portfolio Manager and Agile Coach managing a $xMM portfolio at a Software Development shop), prepping for dinner with my husband, family time and then my husband and I spend the rest of the night grinding and doing what we love. For me, it's this boutique along with some executive coaching that I also do on the side. 

Why Petite Clothing?

I strive to curate an elevated and affordable petite-friendly clothing brand. I am 5'0" and have stopped growing for the past 15+ years. What I've realized is that in the last 15 years, the growth in petite fashion has been extremely slow. Whatever that is out there is still way too expensive. Our petite clothes are still in that little pocket in the back of the store somewhere or just not there at all. We're still an afterthought and quite frankly, I'm sorta tired of that. This is why I wanted to create something only for us petite ladies. I was very much inspired by Torrid, our plus-size beauties.

Why elevated clothing pieces? 

Throughout my growth in my career and personal life, being a minority female and also being very petite has made it extra challenging but what helped me to prevail was coming dressed to win. Although I may not feel my best, putting on something that made me felt bold gave me that extra inch of confidence to keep pressing forward. That doesn't mean I wear a suit all day long but it did mean that I was very selective of my fashion pieces. It had to be elegant, bold, yet sweet. The piece had to make me feel strong and confident but humble. The pieces also had to make me feel tall and that I was never too small for any situation.

Growing into a leadership position in the last decade was hard as many are used to looking "up" to their leaders. Little did I know that many were not used to physically looking "down" to their leaders and it was something I had to work harder than most to gain respect for. I wish it wasn't that way but it was. I try not to be bitter because I think of those that came before me and all the injustice they had to fight for and the path they have paved for us already. They give me hope and strength to elevate above the situation. Through this journey, I grew deeper as a human. I've learned to be more empathetic, loving and really listening with my ears, eyes, brain and heart so that I don't miss the silent calls for help or the ones needing to hear something positive to uplift their spirts...who could be our future leaders. 

While I worked hard to solve many different problems (I love problem solving), something that was close to my heart was my love for fashion and not having affordable and beautiful petite-friendly clothing really bothered me. It kept calling for me to do something about it but I kept telling myself that someone else would take care of it. I was reminded by a great mentor recently that Leaders are people who roll up their sleeves and do something about the issue rather than wait for others to do it. That's when I decided that if not me, who? If not now, when? I finally rolled up my sleeves and dived into an industry that I had very limited knowledge about.

Finally getting to why elevated fashion pieces rather than your usual t-shirt and jeans type of clothes. I think of the younger generation arising. I want the young petite ladies, and all petite ladies, where ever they are in their lives to know where to turn to when they need that extra confidence booster to help them conquer the day. What helped me was elevated fashion pieces and as a way to give back, I am also curating elevated clothing pieces for the petite beauties to select from as well. So that they don't have to stress and drive around town just to find pieces that are elegant, beautiful and will fit well. I want every petite woman to walk into any situation in life feeling bold, yet sweet, and never feeling that they are too small for the situation. This is what I hope and strive to give you...as others have given me in my life. 

Our Vision

Bee Petite is more than just a petite-friendly clothing brand. It's to empower my petite sisters that we're stronger and bolder than what our physical size may say about us, yet we carry ourselves with sweetness and grace.  

I want to take one less stress off from all of us, petite ladies, and that's by providing a one stop shop to find elegant, elevated and form fitting clothes for any occasion. That we may walk tall, proud, bold and full of love. That we may continue to be sweet but ready to take on anything when life calls upon us and elevate above the situation. That we may lead and command our Hive like the Queen we are and that we may fix each other's crown when it tilts.

The future of Bee Petite

I will be starting off with a smaller inventory and as the months and years pass by, I strive to provide you with even more options to choose from. Side note - even if you're not petite, you definitely can still shop here! Even better, share it with a petite sister that you know of.

Like a Honeybee - bee sweet, bee bold, bee petite.

Yours truly,

Bee Yang